my heart is nuclear,
love is all that I fear

Mariana, a twenty-year-old Aquarius who lives in Brazil and hates every second of it. Taken by a beautiful boy,
a believer of love, stars, music
and pretty words.
A bit lunatic.
Just wants to travel through space and lose herself inbetween asteroids.

"Imperfection is beauty,
madness is genius
and it's better to be
absolutely ridiculous
than absolutely boring."

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Fish kisses 🐠💋 (at Cobasi)


Titan aka the Mermaid Moon


Titan aka the Mermaid Moon


In a room full of faces,


and personalities,

my heart - my eyes - and my hands

will always, always

search for



Why does my happiness depend on your attention?

MB 4:24 a.m (via fvckupss) +

I was dying to
someone say
That I didn’t need
to try so hard to be perfect,
That I was enough
it was okay.

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